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These testimonials all came from my comment book that clients signed in my office. Thank you all for leaving comments. They are much appreciated!!



When I receive my massages from Kim, I come out feeling very relaxed. Knots are gone. Kim is professional and listens to her clients.               MGB


I loved the arm and leg massages! Super relaxing since those areas often get missed. Thanks!               JM


I don't have anything bad to say---It was very relaxing and wonderful massage. Very professional and congenial. Informational!! Thanks for making me feel better.               CV


My second time with Kim and I will be back! Her Therapeutic Massages give me great relief!!


You did a great job! The time went so fast. You put pressure in the places I wanted. I feel very relaxed. Thanks!

Excellent--only comment would like my feet done/worked on               SC

Amazing! Thank you so much for the relief and not being afraid to put pressure in it. Will definitely be back!               KR


Excellent--so relaxed   Thank you!                JL


Excellent job! Great massage! Will be back!               Deb


I really feel very good after I have my massage. I feel good all over.                HM

No stress headaches for the past month!!! Well done Kim!! Highly recommended!!          SM


If you need stress relief, Kim is your Gal! Wonderfully relaxing! A neccesity, as far as I'm concerned!            Kelly


You really work wonders!              FS


Amazing! It was so relaxing, def will be back. And I'm telling everyone I know :)  Thank you!           Ashley

I agree with everything Ashley wrote! It was awesome. Very glad you were my first! :) Can't wait for my fiance to come in cause he is going to love it!! Thank you!         Shannon


By the end I was so relaxed, I almost slept. The stress points in my upper back and neck were worked on intermittantly throughout the massage---very nice. Thank you so much.              Dawn

Goals accomplished on massage. You listened to my needs well. Thank you so much.                  Kim

Thanks Kim, I feel great! The pressure was perfect! Keep up the good job!               Shannon


Kim, you did a great job today. Very accommedating to me in reguards to the oil/lotion.....Thank you.         John

Massage was wonderful.....Thank you.                Derek

Thank you Kim! The massage was awesome! I enjoyed all of it. The pressure was perfect and I'll def come in for another visit! Thanks again,              Paige Searl


Kim--I feel incredible after that massage! Thank you! A repeat customer for sure!             Ally

Awesome job as always! Love the Friday afternoon massage!!


Thank you the massage was very relaxing. Will recommend you to my friends. Thank you for your advise.            Shirley


Amazing! Thank you so much. I was so relaxed. It was wonderful. Thanks,         Katie

Just what I needed! You did a fantastic job! Thank you!          Sara

Perfect! Thanks you so much!          Katie  :)


So relaxing! Thank you so much. Next time I will schedule 1 1/2 hrs!            Nan

Feels like floating, thank you! :)              MB


Excellent massage! Has helped a great deal with my shoulder, neck and headache problems. Also really appreciate the home care advise/exercises.            Darlene

Thank you so very much, I feel AMAZING :) I truly appreciate your advise and look forward for seeing you again!              Liz

So relaxing! Thank you!


Thank you so much for the relaxing massage and the helpful tips. Will be back for sure!         Danielle


Each time I come for an appointment, it is a wonderful, and relaxing experience. Kim is very friendly and professional. She is great at what she does and provides me with helpful insights for when I go. Thank you!          Sylvia

Thank you! Loved it! Will be back!               Ashley


Thank you, it really helped my back and sore legs. I will be back!             Jack

One of my favorite things. Feeling great!           JLS

I'm so glad you work in Oshkosh now. You are fabulous!!!               Lou


You always give the best massages!! Be back soon!        Natalie   :)

That was the best massage.Thank you so much I will never wait that long again to get a massage.           Jill H.


First time. Very enjoyable. Thanks.        Frank

Great massage, Kim! Very much needed. Thank you,        Crystal H.

I was very hesitant on ever receiving a massage. I felt I would be too self conscious. I finally broke down and tried my first massage. I felt that Kim, you made me feel relaxed, you gave advise and you remembered my muscles from several weeks ago. I do enjoy the experience,  I appreciate your expertise and I hope to do this again.          Regina

Fabulous!! My back/neck/everything feels so relaxed! :)               Danielle

Excellent! Very relaxing, perfect amount of pressure, yet gentle! :)


This series of massages over the last few months has helped me so much. Pressure and technique are experienced and very healing.                  Lori


Thank you so much Kim! Excellent!            JMR


Kim, thank you so much for the massage. It really relaxes me. The bamboo sticks was awesome. You truly have a gift! Thanks!            Jennifer


Wonderful massage, very relaxing and good pressure.                   Becky

I feel so relaxed! Thank you so much! You really take the time to think of client needs! My shoulder feels awesome!                Jenna

Excellent!! Definitely doing this again! I never know what I was missing! Definitely going to have my wife come. See you again really soon!                Kent Long


Thank you Kim for caring for me today. It has been a stressful few months and I needed some self care. Thank you for taking the time for me today. Blessings to you and your business. I will definitely share your name with friends. This was excellent!          Allison


Thank you, Kim! I didn't realize how much my body needed that until I realized how great I felt afterwards! Yu did an AMAZING JOB! Thank you!              Beth

I was almost asleep a couple of times. Just put the railings up next time. ;)           Nan

That  was my first massage and man, WOW it was great! I now konw what I was missing. Thanks!       Jordan


Thank you! Excellent on the tense spots. I feel better!             Brenton


Thank you! What a blessing!!         Angie

Thank you! Feel a lot better!             Cory

Ver relaxing! Just what I needed! Thank you!           Brittany

I learned so much more than others have told me. Very nice masseuse. I appreciate what you did and words of advise, Thanks Kim!                 Kelly

I always feel wonderful after my appointment. Thanks for helping to relieve my stress.             Tammy


I feel very relaxed and felt all of my stress go away! Thank you!             Marisa


I have had many massages and this was by far one of the best! Great technique and wonderfully relaxing. Kim would be highly recommended in my book!! Thank you!    Jenn  :)

Once again it was a great massage. Thank you!!          Sara


Wonderfully relaxing massage. You have a great way of locating and relieving the trouble spots. I will be back! Thank you!  :)             Kelly

Very ncie and relaxing. Worked on the tight areas very well. Thank you!             Pam


Wonderful. Met my expectations. Thank you so much.             Sharon

Honestly, best massage I've ever had! Great to hear advise and I loved the warm bamboo sticks. Thank you!               Brenna


What an amazing experience! You did a great job. I'll be back! Thank you!              Tina


Feel like a new woman! Very relaxing, very invigorating! Thanks!               Kay

First massage was amazing!! I will definitely be coming back! Count on a few reerrals as wll. Tahnk you so much for a wonderful experience! :)                    Nikki


Always feel amazing! Thank you so much for doing such a great job! Will be back as normal!! :)           Amber

Thanks Kim! You always do a fantasic job! Never disappointed!!                Jenna


Thanks so much! It was excellent. thank you for focusing on my problem areas!              Becca

Made me feel great after not feeling too hot this weekend. Can't wait for my next appointment!      Natalie  :)

Wow! Awesome Job! Boy did I need your healing hands. I will be back. Thanks!            David


Thanks for the incredible massage and great advise to help get back to feeling normal. I look forward to seeing you again.              Josh


First professional massage. It was AMAZING! Releived so much stress and felt GREAT on my muscles! Will be back!             Robyn


First professional massage was absolutely amazing. Not sure why I have waited so long. Definitely will be back again. Thanks,             Josh


I have been having massages for years. But not many could compare with your work! You were able to read my body like a book! Thanks for such great care!                   Linda


Kim has magic hands! Feel like a new person :)  Thank you!             HD


Wonderful...Therapeutic and relaxing! One of the best massages ever! Thanks!            Linda


Great stuff--loved the hand, arm, and knee work!             Eric

Excellent massage---you were born to do this! Thanks Kim!            May


First time I've ever enjoyed the foot massage. Most places really rub too hard. This was perfect. Hands, arms too. Ok.....everything felt good! Thanks!            Amy


Lovely experience! I was here once before and really like the addition of the warm bamboo and heated things. Thanks for all of the suggestions for healing! Felling better already!!              Lisa


I felt so priviledged, comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for a wonderful experience.            Melissa C.


Amazing experience! Thank you for the relaxing and the amazing work. You focused on my lower back and my first experience.              Cory J.


That was an amazing massage--I felt so relaxed the whole time. Thanks so much Kim!             Kari M.

Thank you Kim for a wonderful, relaxing massage. Just the right amount of pressure. I feel so relaxed.           Steve U.

Awesome, perfect amout of pressure. I appreciated the info on the neck and shoulder stretches.                  Adhel


Great music, room temperature was perfect. Super relaxing massage. Very knowledgable about muscles. Thanks!!                Pat H.


Been looking for someone since my last MT left the business. This was incredible. Thank you Kim. Look forward to seeing you again.                   Ken V.

What a wonderful relaxing massage. I felt very comfortable and in good hands! Thanks ever so much!                  Susan H.


You are amazing. Very gifted at what you do!! Thank you!!         Terri

Wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in working though my injury. We will try this again.                 Wanda


Very relaxing and thorough. Enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you!                 Ann

Very relaxing. I liked the warm bamboo sticks.              Dave

Awesome! Thank you so much! The best in a long time! Didn't realize how much I needed that. Very relaxing!              Suzanne

AAAAAAAHHHHHH.................Wonderful touch! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!            Kris


I have gotten lots of massages! This is one of the best I have had! Love bamboo sticks and extra touches! Not from area, will come back for another massage from Kim! Thanks!            Gayle


Kim, thank you! Man I'm so thankful I found someone that can help me emotionally and physically! God Bless!! I can't wait to come to your house!                 Jennifer

Thanks for the amazing relaxing massage. I feel so calm and wonderful.                B.

Very, very relaxing. It was my first massage. Thank you!               Chris

Kim, you did an amazing job. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will for surely be coming back for a maternity session. Thanks again!            Kerry :)


Thank you for an amazing massage. Very happy! Legs, knees, feet amazing! Well worth it! Thanks again! :)                   Mara

Thank you so much! It is great to be able to relax and forget about all your problems! Thanks!            Stephanie

Amazing! Made me feel extremely comfortable for my first time! Thank you very much. I get to enjoy a painfree rest of the day.                        Trevor

Fantastic!! Best massage I've ever had---honestly!!            Jody


Wonderful!! Very thorough!!              Mike

Great! Feel like a wet noodle!                Paul

You are awesome! That was truly the best massage ever! The bamboo sticks were amazing. I will recommend you to everyone. And I will be back. Thank you so much!!!               Heather M.

Thank you for the much needed relaxation of my body that has been long over due. Very first professional massage done by you with that at most perfection and grace. I am now addicted to such an act I was denying for a long time.              Thomas


Very good! Wonderful and thanks for the tips!                  Judy


As always, it was a splendid experience. I am super relaxed and euphoric. THANK YOU, KIM!            Sylvia


Very nice! Best I have had!             Kevin

Liked the bamboo sticks!                Sarah


Great job! Very relaxing and great tips for after care. I look forward to seeing you again.               James

Just what I needed! Got the knots out! Fantastic!                     Jayn

What an amazing first massage experience! Kim thank you so much. I've never been more relaxed and I will be back!           Lindsey


Great massage Kim.                 Laureen


Thanks for the relaxing massage. You are truly great at what you do! --Jesus loves you Kim--              Frank

Excellent Kim. I would recommend you to anyone! I needed this very much. :)                    Kim

Zzzzzzzzzz............I feel so relaxed--thanks to you! Great techniques! Your kind soul comes through your touch--thank you, Kim!             Wendy


Enjoyed this very much. Felt so relaxed. Thanks so much Kim.               Audrey

Excellent massage--best I've had in years! Thank you so much! I'll be back to see you.              Lisa


Kim is FABULOUS--Very thorough and feel great!                 Ros

I am always in such a hurry. Thanks to a friend for getting me this massage, I was able to be at peace for a short time. Truly enjoyed the massage. Thank you Kim!           Lynn


Thank you Kim from bringing me from the stressful "twilight zone" to a much more pleasent relaxed one!     Susan

Thanks Kim for the pain relief and relaxation you made my day!                   Mary


Really enjoyed my massage. First time ever with heated bamboo, really enjoyed that! I'm very relaxed.                  Laurie

THANK YOU! This was such a treat after a stressful semester. So relaxing! Great music and so gentle.          Tayler

Thank you! This was amazing. Feels great to be able to relax for once.              Debbie


Thank you! Amazing as always. Love the Carpal Tunnel work!


Thank you so much! This was amazing. I feel so relaxed. Thank you for the great experience!!             Drew

Thank you so much! What a gift from God to bless others with the gift of touch!! You truly have a gift!!        Danielle


Thank you so much! Very relaxing and my back feels great now!             Sheila


Wow!! Thank you so much it was great!!            Bev

Thank you so much!! Very very enjoyable!           Jesse

One of the best massages I've had in a long time! Thank you!                 Carrie


Great massage--very relaxing and thorough. Thanks for the stretching ideas to relieve tension. Thank you!                 Lori


Very relaxing and soothing. I feel like I was on vacation! Thanks!                 Jessica

Thank you! Great massage. Very relaxing. I will be back :)                Cathy


This was my first massage. I would definitely do again. Very relaxing!                    Linda


Thank you!!          Duwayne Robinson

Thank you! :)  Amazing---wonderful, definitely will be back!                Tracie


Thanks! I will be back. Great massage!            Mary Kuske

One of the most relaxing hours of my life. Will definitely be back!            Katie


It was so relaxing! I definitely enjoyed it. Thanks!           Jean

Very relaxing and enjoyable! Thanks!             Nancy


Thanks Kim! I really enjoyed the heated pack to help relax my back and also the herbal face mask. I've never had one of those. So relaxing!          Julie

Thank you Kim!! For all the healing and helpful tips. Great relaxing massage.            Gayle

Much needed work! Thank you for your touch and restoration. I will be back :)              Lori


Great massage--so relaxing! Thank you! :)              Renita


That was great! The bamboo was new and the heat pack was very helpful. Very gentle and relaxing.            Sue

Great hand pressure. The bamboo sticks were awesome. The oils had great smell as well.            Becky


Was amazing! Was given as a gift. Best gift ever! Will be back! Thank you!             Kent


Absolutely amazing massage. One of the best ones I have ever had. Thanks!              Jeff

Wow! I'm so relaxed. Thanks!           Bev Hanson

Totally relaxing, truly appreciated the quiet time and not fifty questions! LOL! Thanks!      Diane Kressin


Fantastic! Learned a lot about different things today!            Laurie Hamus

Thanks so much! I really needed this. So relaxing. I will be back.                Tom D.

Very knowledgable and thorough. I feel amazing.              Crystal


Wonderful! Thank you very much. I feel very relaxed and lined up!                Carol

Ahhhhhhh......You took me to another land.......Ahhhh......Thanks you so much!! :)            Penny


Amazing! Everything about my experience was relaxing and wonderful! Thank you!                Nicole


So wonderful and professional. Will recommend to everyone!          Jody


One of the best massages I've ever had!             *Chris

I feel so relaxed-- Great all around massage. Thank you!              Sue

My 1st 90 minute massage-- I didn't want to get off the table! Thank you for doing the Groupon  Regards,          Renee`


Awesome Massage!! Just what I needed!           Jean

Excellent massage, very firm but gentle at the same time! I will definitely recommend!          Bill


Awesome massage. Very professional. I definitely needed it. Will recommend! Thank you!            


Great atmosphere. Very impressive! Feel like new!              Keith

Very nice thorough massage. Thank you so much!            Jill


Amazing.....Thank you! Love the aromatherapy and bamboo!            Wendy


Love the room! Very professional! Thanks for the 90 min relaxation!            Jill


Very relaxing. Feeling sleepy.           Bob


Very relaxing massage. Perfect amount of pressure. Will come again!           Heather


Room atmosphere is very pleasent and relaxing. Massage totally relaxing and wonderful.         Laura

Really enjoyed the massage. One of the best massages I've ever gotten. Thank you!             Cari

Just what I needed after working long hours. Very relaxing!                  Jane

Soooooo relaxing. Kim is wonderful and I felt like I finally won the lottery!            Joe


Before my massage I was having trouble focusing my much going on and so many things to do! After my massage I feel so much more relaxed and able to focus.....   Thank you!!             Jackie


Was so looking forward to this and was worth the wait. Loved it!              Judy


Kim! Loved the massage--best part?  The feet!                 Wendy


Thank you for a wonderful prgnancy massage!!           Alison


Excellent prenatal massage. My body hasn't felt this relaxed in 7 months! Thank you!              Carrie


That was the best massage I've ever had! Thank you!               Barb

Just what I needed. Thanks so so much!                Joe


I feel so much better. More relaxed. Thanks tons!               Pattie

Great massage. Loved the peppermint too!            Heather

Kim, Thank you!!! It helped out a lot. Can't wait to come back.


Very professional and so relaxing!              Mark UP


Great job! That feel so much better.            Dotty

It was excellent......didn't want it to end! Thanks!               Kristi

Wow! I feel like a new person! Great job, didn't want it to end......Awesome!                Sara


Fantastic!!! I'll be back!              Aaron

Thank you Kim! Very relaxing massage! You have hands of gold!            Scott


It was wonderful! Just what I needed! Thank you!         Kristen


So relaxing exactly what I needed after a stressful week of work!               Teresa


Wonderful and very relaxing! Thank you!                  Jodi


Thank you! You have a wonderful gift!                Merry Jo


Thanks, This was the best massage I've had and I've tried a few!               Pat 

Thank you, Kim! I love the room set-up, very relaxing and very cute! The massage was so nice....I wish it never ended! P.S. Best foot massage ever!!               Becky


Relaxing and therapeutic!                John


Thank you so much! One week later my tension headache is finally gone. You are truely gifted!          Lacey T


Thank you so much, Kim! One of the best massages I've ever had! I wish I could have layed there another hour! So, so relaxing and you also worked on my problem areas. Which I appreciate!! I'll definitely be back!  Nicholle

I found Nervana! Thank you so much Kim!                  Gail


Wonderful, relaxed, refreshed and found myself totally revived. thank you Kim!             Scott

Wonderful experience! Have not been this relaxed in the past year!    Thank you!             Venessa


Best massage yet! Very relaxing atmosphere. Thanks Kim!              Nicole

Thank you, very relaxing and right amount of pressure.                 Shirley


LOVED IT!!! Thank you!              Kelli


Most relaxing, amazing massage ever! I will definately be back!    Thank you!            Amy

I thought 90 minuntes would be too long, but the time flew by. Wonderful experience!            Steve


It was great! So relaxing!             Brenda


HEAVEN! THANK YOU!              Megan


Incredible as always! Thanks so much!             Tom D.

Achieved all I hoped for! Love the music, scents and hot bamboo sticks. Thank you!            Debbie


Best massage ever! Love the bamboo and pressure applied! Thank you!                 Becca

Wonderful! I have indeed found my fovorite indulgance!               Sharon

What incredible healing hands! I love getting treated so well. I think I have found my new healing hands to help keep me more balanced! Thank you!                       Lori L.

Wonderful--Perfect healing hands touch. Outstanding massage for soul.                 Jan


Why on earth did I wait soooooooooooo long?              Margaret


Thank you so much! Best massage I've had! Keep up the good work!! Thanks again!              Mikaela


Very happy to have experienced my first massage EVER with you! Such an amaing job! I will be back soon!    Amanda

Fabulous massage, Thank you so much!           Laurie

One of the absolute best massages I've had. Looking forward to returning!              Shannon


Thank you Kim! I feel like a new woman. Just what I needed!                  Angela R.

Absolute wonderful! Many thank yous! God Bless!                Sharon


Love the vibe of the room and your touch! The heated bamboo was an unexpected treat! Thank you and see you soon!                  Wanda

Thank you Kim! Great massage......especially loved the bamboo! Will for sure be back!             Angie


Great massage--very relaxing!! Thank you!                   Jeff


Amazing! Just want I needed! Thank you!                   Jodi

Loved the aromatherapy and the room with water running--very relaxing--puts you in a zone!           Kathy

Nice relaxing massage to release work/life tensions. Scent was great for breathing!            L.


Incredible! So relaxing. Need to treat myself more often. Thanks!                 J. E. 

Wonderful!! I feel great!!                   Pam


Great hands! Thoroughly enjoyed the massage!!               Carol


What a relaxing massage! Best I've ever had! Thanks!            Marsha

Thank you Kim--You do really outstanding work!               Mike


Best massage ever!!             Kathy


Absolutely the best massage I have ever had! You are so gifted! Can't wait to see you again!!         Vicki Lynn


BEST massage I have ever gotten. Thank you so much for taking away so much of my stress!        Stephanie



Wonderful gift from my Son. The massage was amazing. So peaceful and relaxing. Not a worry in the world!!              Joleen

90 MINUTES OF HEAVEN!!! THANKS!!!                  Amanda


Can't think of a better way to start the week!! Definitely a Happy Monday!!                  Jackie

Thanks Kim, wonderful--Back real soon!                  Scott


Just what I needed! Thank you. One of the best massages I've had! A great birthday treat. Definitely will be back.                     Lynn

Wonderful healing touch. Very relaxing. Thank you so much!               Sue Paul


Wonderful! I will be back! Will recommend you to others!                     Lee R.


Amazing as always, you are the best!                          Tom D.

Excellent! Very relaxing and peaceful--I will definitely be back!                   S

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